Fundamental Motor Skills

Ball Sprint

Students: 2 groups of 7-8 Equipment: 1 ball per group Area: Large open space Instructions: Groups form a line facing each other 40-60 metres apart. Place the balls in the middle of the area. The students in each group number off. The teacher calls “On your marks, set” and then a number. Students with that …

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Silent Sprint

Students: Groups of 5 Equipment: Nil Area: Large open space Instructions: Use 4 marker cones to create 2 lines, 15-20 metres apart. Students stand in lines and sprint lightly to the other end without making a noise with their feet. Discuss and experiment with how running noise can be reduced without loss of speed. Emphasise …

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Golf Punt

Students Groups of 3-5 Equipment 1 playground ball or football per student. 9 hoops and 9 marker cones. Area Large open space Instructions Set out a school golf course using marker cones as tee-off areas and hoops as lobbing holes. Set out each ‘lob’ so there is at least 50 meters between tee-off and the …

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Rebound Punt

Students Pairs Equipment 1 round ball per pair Area Open space with rebound wall Instructions Students punt the ball as hard as possible into a rebound wall so that it ricochets high and long. The aim is to increase the distance between the wall and the landing spot.