Chasing Games

Memory Tag

Area Any defined open area Equipment None Instructions All players are taggers. If a player is tagged the player must bob down where they were tagged, but remember who it was that tagged them. When the person that tagged them gets tagged, they can stand up and continue the game. Rock, paper, scissors is a

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Cone Steal

Area A basketball half court Equipment 5 hoops and 15 cones Instructions Two even teams, with one attacking and one defending. Team A starts inside the designated half court area and aims to defend the cones from being taken from inside the hoops. Team B is the attacking team and aims to take the cones

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Chuck the Chicken

Area A large area Equipment A rubber chicken Instructions Group divided into two even teams (Team A and Team B). Team A starts with the rubber chicken and throws it wherever they like (within defined boundaries), and then one player from Team A runs circles around the rest of the team members, keeping count of

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Chaos Tag

Area Any defined open area Equipment Various small pieces of equipment for easy retrieval Instructions Players are divided into two teams who each start in their own half of the playing area. Players try to cross their opponents baseline, and pick up a small object. They then seek to return to their own baseline, without

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Tail Tag

Area Any defined open area Equipment Colourbands Instructions All class members are given a colour band which is tucked into the back of their shorts so that approximately 2/3rds of it is hanging loose out the back (like a tail). The game starts with the class spread out over the designated area. On the signal

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Step Tag

Area Any defined open area Equipment Colourbands Instructions Teacher nominates three or four students as taggers and they are given colour bands to wear. On signal the taggers run around keeping as close as they can to free runner without tagging. Teacher blows their whistle and the class must freeze position. Taggers on teachers signal

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Sitting Brandy

Area Any defined open area Equipment Soft Nerf Ball Instructions Class spread out inside a designated area. One student is nominated as the “brander” and is given a soft nerf ball. Brander must try and hit other students with the ball on the full below shoulder height. Once “branded” students must sit down on the

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Scarecrow Tag

Area Any defined open area Equipment Colourbands Instructions Depending on the size of the class the teacher nominates taggers. Taggers all put on colour bands and run around the area attempting to tag as many scarecrows as they can in a designated time (1-2minutes). Once tagged, free runners must stand still with feed wide astride

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Round Up

Area Any defined open area Equipment Colourbands Instructions Divide students into groups of 4. One group are nominated as taggers or riders and are given colour bands. The other three groups are the runners or the “stock”. A large circle or square is marked in the middle of playing area, this is known as the

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Area Any defined open area Equipment Nil Instructions All students line up at the end of the playing area side by side. Teacher nominates one student to act as the OCTOPUS. Teacher calls out “octopus” and the students attempt to get to the opposite side of the playing area. If the OCTOPUS tags a runner

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Loose Cabboose

Area Any defined open area Equipment Nil Instructions Class is divided up into groups of 4 with each group of 4 standing in single file holding waist onto the of the student in front. One group are nominated as the “Cabooses” and are free to run around the area on their own. On signal each

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