Team Building

Everyone Up

A physically challenging game that enforces team work and cooperation. Materials None How to Play Instruct participants to pair up and sit back-to-back on the ground with the arms linked On “Go” partners must work together to stand up (without using their arms) Increase difficulty of the task by gradually increasing the amount of people […]

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Electric Fence

Materials A rope How to Play Firstly, tie the rope between two trees/poles at a height that is approximately hip height of your tallest participants (approx 1m for most groups) Have your group stand together on one side of the ‘electric fence’ (the rope) Explain that the fence is extremely dangerous so nobody can touch

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Helium Stick

An activity that is bound to get participants laughing and working together to achieve a simple goal! Materials A long stick (tent poles are perfect for this) How to Play Have participants stand in two lines facing each other about 1m apart Ask them to place their hands in front of themselves at stomach height

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Blindfolded Shapes

A simple activity that promotes teamwork and cooperation. Materials Blindfolds (1 per person), large rope (10-20m long) How to Play Position the group in a large, open space Instruct your group to stand in a line and place their blindfolds over their eyes Explain to the players that a large rope has been placed on

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A fast and funny game that has participants working very closely with one another. Materials None How to Play Have participants find themselves a partner and stand opposite one another about 10m apart The caller will say one, two or three body parts outloud when players are ready On the call, players must run into

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Chuck The Chicken

A fun, exciting group game where participants work together to achieve the highest score. Materials A rubber chicken (or could be substituted for any other item that can be easily thrown around the room) How to Play Divide participants into two even teams, give one group the chicken Explain that the team with the chicken

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Group Touch

An energetic game where participants work closely together to achieve a goal. Materials None) How to Play Instruct players to stand in small groups (between 4-6 people is ideal) Leader now says a number of their choice outloud (eg. six) Players must move quickly and communicate with each other so that they have a certain

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