Name Games

Mine, Yours, Left

A fast, fun game that forces participants to learn names quickly! Materials None How to Play Instruct participants to stand in a circle Select one person to stand in the middle, they are the pointer The pointer must point to one person at a time and say either “left”, “right”, “you” or “me” Who ever […]

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Group Juggle

A game that has participants thinking and reacting quickly! Materials Soft objects that can be thrown around the circle safely How to Play Instruct everyone to stand in a circle Introduce the first ball/object, say your own name outloud followed by another persons in the circle and throw the object to them They must then

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Mine, Yours

An easy game that allows participants to learn a lot of names very quickly. Materials A soft object that can be thrown around a circle (*optional – this game can be played with or without a throwing object) How to Play Participants to sit or stand in a circle The instructor begins by saying their

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Name Pantomine

A recall game that helps participants learn names in a fun and interesting way! Materials None Note Success of this activity relies on a high level of enthusiasm from all involved. As the facilitator be sure to encourage this from the outset by acting out an example in a fun and positive way! How to

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Bopper Name

An active way to encourage group members to learn names quickly! Materials A ‘bopper’ (a soft foam bat, or sleeping mat rolled up works well) How to Play Participants are to stand in a circle Choose one person to stand in the middle and give them the ‘bopper’ To begin the game, ask the ‘bopper’

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