Ice Breakers

Balance Beam

A simple and fun activity that has participants working within small proximity of each other. Materials None How to Play Have participants form pairs and line up facing one another in two straight lines Each person is to stand with one foot in front of the other, with their front foot touching their partners front …

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Zip Zap

A simple game that has participants thinking quickly and strategically. Materials None How to Play Have players stand in a circle Explain that the aim is to pass an imaginary lightning bolt around the circle To pass the bolt players must clap their hands to the left or right and say ‘zip’ outloud The direction …

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A game that has participants laughing and interacting with each other. Materials None How to Play Firstly, teach and demonstrate the following actions to participants: Egg – players bobbing down, jumping around on their feet, Chicken – standing up, flapping ‘wings’ like a chicken, Ape – walking around banging chest like an ape and Super …

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