Aerobic Power

Yo-Yo Endurance Test

AIM The test evaluates an individual’s aerobic endurance fitness. Equipment Flat, non-slip surface, marking cones, measuring tape, pre-recorded audio cd or mp3 (buy or use the Team BeepTest software), cd player, recording sheets. Procedure Use cones to mark out two lines 20 meters apart as per the diagram. The subjects start with their foot behind […]

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Queens Step Test

AIM To measure aerobic capacity based on the cardiac response to a given exercise load Equipment A metronome sounding at either 88bpm for females, and 96bpm for males, a step or bench at 41.3cm/16.5 inches, stopwatch Procedure The participant completes a thorough warm up The assistant gives the ‘go’ signal while the participant commences stepping

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Harvard Step Test

          Harvard Step Test by Jarrod Robinson AIM To measure aerobic capacity within a simple step test procedure Equipment Metronome set at 120bpm, step or bench of 45cm high, stopwatch Procedure The athlete warms up for 10 minutes The assistant gives the command “GO” and starts the stopwatch The athlete steps

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20m Shuttle Run

AIM To measure the aerobic capacity or cardiovascular fitness os subjects during a maximal, indirect field test. Equipment Cones, tape measure and audio cues for the 20m shuttle run on CD, Tape or MP3 Procedure Measure out and mark a 20m section on a flat surface with cones Begin playback of shuttle run audio Participants

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1.6KM Run Test

AIM To measure aerobic capacity whilst running Equipment A measured running track (400m track) Procedure Complete a thorough warm up and dynamic stretches Participants line up at the start of the measured track On the start signal the participants must run the 1.6km as fast as possible. The faster the time to complete, the greater

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12 Minute Run

  AIM To measure aerobic capacity within a maximal indirect field test Equipment Athletics track or oval with a lap length of between 200 – 400 metres, enough marking cones to place one every 20m of the track, stopwatch Procedure Complete a thorough warm-up and dynamic stretching Place cones every 20m for easy calculation of

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