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I have a question for you…. What does the best professional development look like?

While, it might be a tough question to answer, here’s a few of my thoughts…

1. It MUST be ongoing. Don’t expect miracles from a TWO-day conference. They’re great for sowing the seed, but I’ll take ongoing support from a colleague any day.

2. It MUST be flexible. Teachers are incredibly time poor, often juggling many hats. If they don’t have access to high-quality training to suit their busy lives. It simply isn’t going to happen. 3. It MUST be accessible anywhere. The internet has made it possible to be anywhere at any time. A training solution that harnesses this capacity will always be better in my eyes.

3. It MUST include reflection. Too many people leave a traditional conference or training event and don’t stop to think about how it will impact their teaching.

The problem here is that the traditional professional development pathways such as conferences and one off workshops, dont recognise this best practice.

What I mean is that the conference organizers make you be at a certain time and place in order for learning to take place. Therefore, If you can’t make it, Bad luck… Not to mention, that when you do get to attend, you’re usually required to travel extensive distances or pay over inflated registration fees.

This would be all well and good, but the majority of the training you’re made to complete is simply irrelevant and results in nothing but your time being wasted.

This is plain wrong and what I call ‘Broken Professional Development.

Now you might say…..

“Ok Jarrod, How do you fix it?”

Well, what if a teacher could get all of the support, accountability, training, knowledge and professional development that make the difference? What if they didn’t need to travel to receive high-level professional development? What if they could access on demand training anywhere, at any time and on any device?

Lucky for you I’ve just spent the last 5 years working on a solution that meets ALL of the above criteria.

It’s called the ConnectedPE Membership.

ConnectedPE focuses on rewriting the norms on how high-quality professional development is accessed & completed.

We do this by harnessing emerging technologies to make this a reality, supporting you on a professional development journey throughout the entire school year. It’s basically like a Physical Education Conference, Except It’s Online!

Get access to the ConnectedPE Community. A place with 24/7 access to an ever expanding library of 100’s of Hours of On Demand Professional Learning with Certification. A place that is dedicated to helping you become a BETTER PE Teacher for your students

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(P.S. – Please don’t join the ConnectedPE if you’re NOT willing to learn and seek improvement. Our community is jam-packed with content by experts in all areas of the Physical Education field. It’s been proven time and time again that if you take action and surround yourself with likeminded people, your success will soar)


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