Social Justice

What is more important than content in a physical education class? What matters more than physical activity? Is there anything we should focus on more than the grade level outcomes created by SHAPE America? A student’s self- identity is more important than anything else. This is what shapes their thinking which will influence every decision […]

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Opposites attract. I have sat through many weddings and have heard how the bride or groom is so Type A and their partner is the opposite. It makes a lot of sense. How crazy would it be if both partners were uptight! Even worse would anything ever get accomplished if both partners didn’t care about

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Bring Back The Joy

What is the purpose of Physical Education? My purpose in physical education is to provide lessons that are enjoyable, a safe atmosphere, and a setting where students will learn the knowledge and skills that lead to a lifelong love of movement. Let’s unpack the enjoyment part of physical education. Joy is the number one outcome

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Target On My Back

Why are human target games banned in the United States? This is a question that keeps coming up again and again when discussing appropriate practices in Physical Education. The knee jerk reaction from most people in the profession is that dodgeball is physically and emotionally unsafe for some students. The problem with that response is

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Dodging Dodgeball

Many Physical Education teachers in the United States get their heart rate and blood pressure flying through the roof when the subject of dodgeball arises. One theory that may explain this reaction may be that it stems from the countless images, movie clips, and memories that are associated with the game. Physical Education teachers are

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