Coaching Observation Activity

The success of a coach is based on the application of good coaching principles. An effective coach possesses the knowledge, leadership qualities, is organized, respected, can communicate effectively, and has a personable approach.

To analyze
the application of good coaching principles in a training session

 Attend a training session at a local club and observe the application of coaching principles during the session

Record results on the attached worksheet using a scale of 1 – 3

1 One that there is minimal or no evidence.
2 Two that it is sometimes evident.
3 Three indicates that a coaching principle is clearly evident.

Ensure that you obtain permission from the coach before conducting your analysis



1 Was the coach positive and effective during the training session?
Did the coach’s approach to the session influence the players’ level of involvement? Discuss.
2 Was the session well organized and did it run smoothly?
3 Did the coach provide variety during the session? Did players spend a long time waiting for
their turn or were they actively involved at all times?
4 Describe aspects of the training session which could have been modified to increase
player participation.
5 Did players receive encouragement from the coach?
Was the form of encouragement given effective? Discuss.
6 Were the different skill levels of players catered for during the session?
Give a specific example of an activity that reflected this.