Importance of Feedback Activity

1st Trial – In pairs, one partner (a) is blindfolded. This person is instructed to draw a line 15cm long.
The other partner measures the line but gives no feedback on its length.
Partner a remains blindfolded
2nd trial – Is told ‘yes’ or ‘no’ (yes is exactly 15cm, no is any other length)
3rd trial – Is told ‘too short’ or ‘too long’
4th trial – Is given precise information, such as 1cm too long or 5cm short etc
5th trial – All feedback is taken into account and the final line is attempted

1 Record how long each line was for each trial
2 Consider results 1, 2, 3 & 4. Has the subject shown improvement (i.e. are the line lengths getting
closer to 15cm? Give reasons for your findings
3 What does this experiment tell you about the importance of receiving accurate feedback
when learning new skills?
4 What are the roles of feedback?
5 Provide a personal example where feedback has enhanced your performance.

You must also classify the type of feedback and then mention how you could utilise any of the other forms of feedback into
your sport/skill acquisition