Field Hockey


Each team consists of eleven players plus up to 7 substitutes

Start/Restart of Game

To start the play at the beginning of the game, after half time and after each goal a PASS BACK is played from the centre of the field. All players (except the player taking the pass back) must be in their own half of the field and 4.5 metres from the ball


A goal is scored when the ball passes completely over the goal line within the goal after being hit from within the goal circle

Conduct of Play

A player must:

  • Use only the flat side of the stick/li>
  • Use only his/her stick
  • Not raise the stick or hit the ball in a dangerous manner
  • Not stop the ball with the hand or catch it
  • Not kick the ball or propel it except with the stick
  • Not interfere with an opponents stick
  • Not charge, trip, kick or strike an opponent
  • Not obstruct an opponent by placing him/herself or the stick between an opponent and the ball

Free Hit

For breaches of the above mentioned rules a FREE HIT is taken from the spot where the offence occurred. No player is permitted within 4.5 metres of the ball.

Short Corner

  • This is awarded for breaches of conduct (rules) within the circle, deliberate breaches within the 23 metre area, deliberately playing the ball over the goal line, or for infringements at a corner.
  • The short corner is taken at least 9 metres from the nearest goal post
  • No more than six defenders are permitted behind the goal line. The other five must be behind the centre line
  • No shot is permitted until the ball has been stopped by an attacker or touches a defender

Penalty Stroke

  • This is awarded for deliberate breaches of the rules within the circle or if a goal would probably have occurred.
  • The penalty stroke is taken from the 6.5 metre spot
  • All players except the goalkeeper and the shooter must be behind the centre line
  • The shooter is permitted one step forward and the goalkeeper is not permitted to move either foot from the goal line until the ball has been played/li>
  • If no goal is scored play is restarted from the 15 metre line

Long Corner

This is awarded if a defender accidently deflects the ball over the goal line from within the 23 metre area. Up to six defenders may stand behind the goal line. The ball is played from 5 metres from the corner post (on the side that went out). No shot is permitted until the ball has been stopped by an attacker or touches a defender

Push In

If the ball goes completely over the side line an opposing player will push/hit the ball in from where it went out. No other player shall be within 4.5 metres. The player pushing in cannot touch the ball again until another player has touched it.

15m Hit

If the ball is hit over the goal line by an attacker or accidentally by a defender not in the 23 metre area, the play is restarted by the defending team from 15 metres from the goal line opposite where the ball went out.