Live Score Ladder Templates

Are you running a tournament and need scoring automatically calculated? Simply pick the correct excel sheet to correlate to the number of teams you have;

See the templates in action in the video below

The sheet will contain a list of teams, the schedule and it automatically generates the table of results.

Settings – team names

For changing the team names just edit the table “Team name”. The changes will be reflected in the Schedule and in the Table.

Settings – points for a win, a loss and a draw

The file contains a sheet named Options. There you can set the points. The changes will apply to the entire file.

Automatically generated table

You have to fill the score of each match and the table will be automatically sorted by number of points. There are no Excel macros, just an array formula and lookup function. The table calculates:

GP – Games Played
W – wins
D – draws
L – loss
GF – Goals For
GA – Goals Against
GD – Goal Difference
PTS – points

Bonus/penalty points

You can give a bonus or penalty points for each team. For example team 2 has 9 bonus points and team 4 has 10 penalty points. This will be automatically calculated to the final table.