April 15, 2020

100 Tech Ideas

In the 100th episode of The PE Geek Podcast we celebrate by sharing 100 different ways that you can introduce Technologies into your Physical Education classroom. On their own the ideas won’t transform your teaching, but our goal here is to spark the curiosity that drives exploration of these ideas in your lessons. Download

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Group Games

Group Games is perfect for Outdoor Education Leaders, PE Teachers, Sport Coaches, Drama Teachers or anyone looking for an easy reference guide to over 50+ games designed to actively engage a group of participants. Game categories include: Name gamesGet to know you gamesIcebreakersTeam buildingInitiativesJust for fun Download

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Stretch It

Stretch it is a circuit and stretching task card series for teachers and students. A simple and powerful way to provide students with visual prompts and cues designed to help them warm up and cool down. Featuring over 60 hand drawn stretch activities that progressively build up in difficulty, allowing students to develop their skills

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Fitness Tests

Fitness Tests is the quick, easy handbook guide for PE teachers, sports coaches, personal trainers or anyone looking to measure their fitness. The ebook allows for swift reference of over 30 fitness tests from aerobic capacity, through to flexibility. Upon selecting your test you will be provided with the aim, equipment, procedure and the norm

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