September 3, 2018

Memory Maze

Students Small groups Equipment Memory mats (ie various pictures of body parts, numbers, shapes, colours, words etc.) fixed to the door or chalk drawings on asphalt Area Hard surface open space Instructions 1 student places a sequence of memory mats on the floor. Other students must leap over them. Leaps may be performed forwards or

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Students Groups of 5-10 Equipment 1 long skipping rope per group Area Large open space Instructions Students holding the ropes wriggle it sideways. Others form a line to leap over the rope. If the students successfully leap over the rope, allow rope holders to increase the wriggle size. If a student lands on the rope,

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Students Groups of 4-6 Equipment 4 markers (eg colour bands) per group Area Large open space Instructions Set out the markers about 1 meter apart. One after the other, each student runs and leaps between the markers on the floor. The fourth marker is moved to the spot where the heel of the leaper lands.

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