Silent Lab

A silent activity that increases group communication skills.



How to Play

  1. Instruct participants that they are to remain silent for the duration of the activity, unless told to speak
  2. Explain that they need to arrange themselves into a line according to a certain criteria that you set (see below for examples)
  3. As they begin the task, reinforce the importance of refraining from using verbal communication. Any other communication is permitted. They may find this difficult to begin with so be sure to continually reinforce them
  4. Allow sufficient time for participants to communicate and engage with each other
  5. Once you see that they have completed the task, instruct the group announce the order aloud to see if they achieved the objective
  6. Run the same activity multiple times – ensuring you increase the difficulty of the criteria so it challenges the group

Criteria Ideas

  • Date of birth (day & month, not the year)
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Height
  • Alphabetically (names, favourite football team)


  • Blind fold participants to increase the difficulty of the task