Rats & Rabbits

A game that tests players reflexes in a fun and exciting way.



How to Play

  1. Instruct participants to find a partner and stand in two straight lines facing each other
  2. Both must stand up straight with their arms by their sides
  3. Now instruct players that one line of players are rats and the other side are rabbits
  4. Leader calls either ‘rats!’ or ‘rabbits!’ outloud
  5. On the call players must race to place their hands on the head of the animal called (for example, if ‘rats!’ is called the person who is on the rat side puts their hands on their own head, while the ‘rabbit’ races to try to beat them and place their hands on the ‘rats’ head)
  6. After each round players are to reset to the starting position of hands by their side
  7. You can also alter the roles after a number of rounds, or instruct players to move once to their left to compete against a new person


  • When instructing group members to find their partner, ask them to look for someone who is approximately the same height as it makes it more even and also safer