Queens Step Test


To measure aerobic capacity based on the cardiac response to a given exercise load


A metronome sounding at either 88bpm for females, and 96bpm for males, a step or bench at 41.3cm/16.5 inches, stopwatch


  1. The participant completes a thorough warm up
  2. The assistant gives the ‘go’ signal while the participant commences stepping onto the bench using a “up-up-down-down” rhythm
  3. The participant stays in time with the metronome and stops at the completion of 3 minutes
  4. Immediately following the 3 minutes, the participant locates their pulse
  5. When the participant locates their pluse, the assistant starts the stopwatch for 30 seconds while the participant counts their heart beat
  6. The participant doubles their result to geth their BPM and can then compare this to the norms