A fast and funny game that has participants working very closely with one another.



How to Play

  1. Have participants find themselves a partner and stand opposite one another about 10m apart
  2. The caller will say one, two or three body parts outloud when players are ready
  3. On the call, players must run into the middle and touch their body parts that were called out. For example, the caller may yell “Foot and shoulder!” – each pair would need to quickly find a way to ensure they are touching by a foot and a shoulder only (one person might be kneeling and the other standing with their foot on their shoulder)
  4. Reset after each turn, continue to make the calls more difficult for players by adding more body parts or harder areas for players to reach (avoid heads however, as this may be a safety concern!)


  • Please be sure to instruct players to be very careful when maneuvering themselves to avoid any injuries or collisions