Magic Hat

A game that gets participants thinking and working together whilst having a laugh!


A hat (could be a cone, towel, or anything you have handy), a rope to mark the playing area (rope not essential, could use sticks, marks in the ground)

How to Play

  1. Section out a playing area approximately 10m x 10m using rope, cones or lines in the surface
  2. Instruct all participants to stand on one side of the playing area, behind the rope/line
  3. Explain that in front of them is a pool of hot lava and only the person wearing the hat can cross it safely without being burnt/injured/killed
  4. Aim of the game is for all team members must get to the otherside
  5. The rules are: only one person can wear the hat at a time and they can only wear it once for the game
  6. Allow a minute or two for the team to talk about strategies and then begin the game
  7. If a player touches the ‘lava’ whilst not wearing the hat, all team members go back to the start and begin the game again
  8. Once all members are safely across, ask group members a series of questions and have them evaluate their performance
  9. If time permits, start a new game and time them to see if they can complete it quicker