Helium Stick

An activity that is bound to get participants laughing and working together to achieve a simple goal!


A long stick (tent poles are perfect for this)

How to Play

  1. Have participants stand in two lines facing each other about 1m apart
  2. Ask them to place their hands in front of themselves at stomach height with their index fingers pointing straight (like they are signalling an AFL goal)
  3. Place the large stick onto their fingers and explain that it is full of helium and when you let go, it will float up
  4. Explain that as a group their aim is to lower it to the ground
  5. All players must have both fingers touching the stick at all times
  6. **When you let go the stick will instantly start rising, keep reminding them to have both fingers touching
  7. If it goes so high that it falls, start the game again
  8. If they get it to the ground, have a discussion with them and then repeat the activity if time permits to allow them to improve their performance