Blindfolded Shapes

A simple activity that promotes teamwork and cooperation.


Blindfolds (1 per person), large rope (10-20m long)

How to Play

  1. Position the group in a large, open space
  2. Instruct your group to stand in a line and place their blindfolds over their eyes
  3. Explain to the players that a large rope has been placed on the ground in front of them and their challenge is to make the shape you call out. Eg. a square or triangle
  4. Players must pick up the rope and work together to form the shape without removing their blindfolds
  5. Once they have completed the task instruct them to remove their blindfolds and discuss their performance
  6. Choose and new shape and have them complete the task again (be sure to slowly increase the difficulty of the shapes)


  • The activity could be completed in small groups if the required amount of ropes are availiable
  • To increase the difficulty have players refrain from talking during the process