A fun survival game which encourages conservation of energy and survival strokes


Cones on the edge of the pool, optional use of clothing, kickboards and underwater hazards such as hoops

Depth of Water

Waist deep to deep


Groups of seven or eight


  1. The players start at the edge of the pool
  2. They enter the water, swim a designated distance, submerge, swim underwater a designated distance, surface, swim to the end and climb out. During this sequence they must take care to make no sound, no splash, no ripple on the surface
  3. If the above conditions are not met, they are ‘shot’
  4. They are also ‘shot’ if they surface in the searchlight area (the area marked by the cones on the edge of the pool)
  5. To increase/decrease the difficulty of the game to suit swimming skill levels simply modify the expected time underwater