July 4, 2018


Aim To develop head first and feet first sculling technique Equipment A water polo ball or equivalent Depth of Water Waist deep water Description Players lie on their backs wiht their feet towards each other. The ball is placed in between their feet so that they can hold onto it between the soles of their […]

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Aim To develop correct flutter kick and rotation within the water Equipment None Depth of Water Chest Deep Description Players position themselves in the water with backs against the starting point On the teachers command ‘go’ the students push off the wall and complete a designated number of flutter kicks The designated kicks could be

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Aim To develop skills involved in tumble turns Equipment None Depth of Water 1 metre or greater Description Swimmers stand about 6 metres away from the side of a wall with adequate spacing between each swimmer On the word ‘go’ they swim towards the wall, touch it with both hands and perform a forward roll

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Look Up Look Down

A fun game designed help participants ease into a group by letting their inhibitions go. Materials None How to Play Start with participants standing in a circle with their heads down As the facilitator, call out “Look Up” Participants must look up directly at someone else in the group If two participants are looking directly

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A fast, exciting reaction game. Materials None How to Play Instruct players to stand in a circle Players need to place their left hand, palm facing up in front of their belly button Now they need to place their right hand, index finger only pointing down, resting in the left palm of the player to

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Chuck the Chicken

A fun, exciting group game where participants work together to achieve the highest score. Materials A rubber chicken (or could be substituted for any other item that can be easily thrown around the room) How to Play Divide participants into two even teams, give one group the chicken Explain that the team with the chicken

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An activity designed to encourage participants to let their inhibitions go and act like a beetle! Materials None How to Play Explain to participants that the group will be playing a game for the duration of the activity, camp, day etc Instruct group members that at anytime one person in the group (the ‘beetle’) can

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Electric Fence

An activity that never fails to improve group participation and cooperation. Materials A rope How to Play Firstly, tie the rope between two trees/poles at a height that is approximately hip height of your tallest participants (approx 1m for most groups) Have your group stand together on one side of the ‘electric fence’ (the rope)

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Helium Stick

An activity that is bound to get participants laughing and working together to achieve a simple goal! Materials A long stick (tent poles are perfect for this) How to Play Have participants stand in two lines facing each other about 1m apart Ask them to place their hands in front of themselves at stomach height

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Count Off

A simple activity that can be used anywhere to trigger teamwork. Materials None How to Play Count how many people are in your group (eg. 10 participants) Instruct the group to count off outloud to the number (10) without talking to each other – all other forms of communication are allowed A person cannot count

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Magic Hat

A game that gets participants thinking and working together whilst having a laugh! Materials A hat (could be a cone, towel, or anything you have handy), a rope to mark the playing area (rope not essential, could use sticks, marks in the ground) How to Play Section out a playing area approximately 10m x 10m

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