Stop Ball


Any indoor/outdoor playing area approx basketball sized


One soft volleyball or similar sized ball


The class is divided into two even teams. One team are designated as fielders, the other as batters. Fielders spread out anywhere in the playing area. Fielding side allocate a pitcher to bowl the ball to the head of the batting line. The ball must be bowled so that it bounces at least once in front of the hitter and at a speed that enables the hitter to contact the ball. The hitter strikes the ball with an open hand anywhere in the paying area. Once the balll has been hit, the hitter then attempts to run around their team. The first fielder to field the ball stands still and holds the ball above their head. All members of the fielding side quickly run to form a straight line behind the initial fielder. When all are present, the last in line calls out ‘GO’ and the ball is passed over head so that all fielders touch the ball. When the ball arrives the end of the line the last fielder runs to the front of the line and yells “STOP”. The hitter stops running and scores one point for each lap they complete.The next batter in line then repeats the process, while the first batter moves to the end of the line. Game continues until all players have had a turn batting and then teams swap roles. The team with the highest number of points is designated the winners.