Change Hockey


Any inside open area


Cloth or soft object to hit, hockey sticks


Two teams are required with each member given a number. Teams line up at opposite ends or sides of the playing area. Two hockey sticks and a cloth ball or soft object are placed in the centre of the playing area. Teacher calls out a number and the corresponding team members from each side run to the centre pick up the hockey sticks and attempt to push, dribble or hit the cloth ball along the floor to cross their team goal which is made up of their team mates. The teacher may call out another number before any score is made and new students run out and take the stick off their team mate and continue the game. Teachers should keep a list of numbers called so that each student has a chance to score for their team. When a goal is scored, sticks are replaced in the centre and new numbers called


Have more than one number called out. You could also modify the game to suit other sports e.g. basketball, soccer, netball etc