Bucket Cricket


Basketball court of similar sized open space


Basketball, basketball, backboard, cones/markers


Two even teams are required. One batting team, the other fielding. A bin or a bucket is placed in the centre of the playing area. Four fielders act as bowlers and stand in hoops placed approximately 4 metres away from the bin or bucket. Hoops are placed so that the distance from the hoops to the bin are the same for all bowlers. All other fielders spread out in the paying area. Batting team line up outside the playing area in order of batting. Two cones are placed where the batters enter onto the playing area. Number 1 batter begins at the bin facing the bowler who has the ball. Batter hits the ball into the playing area and attempts to score a run by running around any of the four hoops. Fielders attempt to return the batted ball to any of the four bowlers who bowls as soon as the ball is received. Batter must run on each hit and endeavours to hit bowled ball from whichever bowler bowls. Batter is out if the ball hits the bin, or the ball is caught on the full. When the batter is dismissed the next batter must run onto the field and continuing batting without a break in play. While changeover is occurring fielders can return the ball to any bowler who can bowl whenever they receive the ball. When bowling at the bin, bowlers must use underarm so that the ball bounces at least once. Bowlers must have at least one foot in the hoop at all times. Bowlers can be changed during the innings. Teams change roles when batting side is dismissed


Increase distance from the bowlers and include slow overarm bowling