June 29, 2018


Aim A fun survival game which encourages conservation of energy and survival strokes Equipment Cones on the edge of the pool, optional use of clothing, kickboards and underwater hazards such as hoops Depth of the Water Waist deep to deep Participants Groups of seven or eight Description The players start at the edge of the […]

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Foot Stomper

Aim To encourage active play and confidence in the water Equipment None Depth of the Water Knee deep water to waist deep water Participants This activity requires students in pairs Description Pairs stand facing each other in the water, with hands on each others shoulders On the word ‘go’, each tries to step on the

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Gordian Knots

Aim To encouarage eye opening and underwater confidence Equipment Metre long lengths of nylon rope (one for each player) Depth of the Water Waist Deep Description Each person ties a length of rope with three simple knots They then swap ropes with another person and make their way to the bottom of the pool They

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Handicap Tag

Aim Warmup/Water confidence activity Equipment None Depth of the Water Ankle deep to deep, according to the skill level Description The teacher decides on the handicap to be imposed, which could be swimming with one hand, hopping with one leg etc All players must observe the handicap and avoid being tagged by the tagger The

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Hopping Mad

Aim Warmup Equipment None Depth of the Water Knee deep to waist deep Description Teams stand in line facing across the pool, spaced about half a metre apart Using both hands, each player holds the right leg of the one directly in front On the word ‘go’, the whole group hop from one side of

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Huff and Puff

Equipment Table tennis balls Depth of the Water Waist Deep Description All players assemble side by side at the starting point, each with a ping pong ball On the command ‘go’ they enter the water and float the ball, then blow it along the surface of the water to the finish line The ball may

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Over and Under

Aim To encourage appropriate flutter kick action for freestyle Equipment An even number of one metre canes and hoops Depth of the Water Waist Deep Description Students arrange in a line holding a hop under the water, the next student holds a cane about 30 cm under the surface of the water. This pattern continues

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Overhead Passing

Aim To develop water confidence and team work Equipment None Depth of the Water Waist Deep Description Students line up one behind the other across the pool On the command ‘go’, the team leader lies on his her back in the water The others duck under the water and in turn pass the body over

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Pirate Pete

Aim To teach students correct entry procedures Equipment None Depth of the Water Shallow Description Players stand on the edge of the pool Pirate pete is in the water about 5 metres from the edge, walking from left to right in front of those on the side while asking ‘Who’s afraid of pirate pete?’ Players

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Aim A fun game that simulates swimming in fast moving waters Equipment None Depth of the Water Shallow Description This activity requires at least two groups of 10 students or more Players form two lines, with each students standing about 1.5 metres apart facing directly across to the other line. This forms what is known

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Thread The Needle

Aim To encourage confidence in entering water and submerging Equipment Ropes and plastic hoops which are tethered together to the side of the pool at a distance of about 30 centimeres to 1 metre. Essentially the hoops form a chain Depth of the Water Deep Description Players line up at the hoop 1 Player 1

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